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Teratoma - Damien Schumann

Damien Schumann
Archival lightjet print on diasec

A benign tumour arisen from embryonic cells. This was found on an ovary of a 46yr old woman who had had eight children, and had twisted and strangulated her ovary. Teratomas are derived from germ cells in the testes and ovaries, but are most common in women. They are known to grow teeth, hair, bones, and in rare cases even eyes, hands and feet.

This body of work looks at the alien world that is our body and seeks understanding to the mechanics behind how the body responds to our actions and lifestyle. It explores some of the pressures the body has to fight, and places a visual to conditions that are very often spoken of but seldom completely understood.

Photo of Teratoma by Damien Schumann

Photo of photo of Teratoma by Damien Schumann bhanging in the PLC, by Jurgen Geitner