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Adopt a specimen

Donate to the Pathology learning Centre using SnapScan

Adopt a specimen campaign (launched September 2014)
There is a specimen that needs you. We’d like to suggest you adopt one that has personal or professional significance. Hundreds of diseases are represented in our collection; we can help you find a good match. Your sponsorship will be gratefully acknowledged with a label on the specimen bottle and on the specimen catalogue web site.

A 5 year adoption costs R250

A lifetime adoption costs R1000

If you would like to sponsor the restoration and maintenance of a member of this valuable collection, please use the SnapScan QR code alongside or go to the UCT donations page.
And contact the curator about the specimen you have in mind. (If you do not have a specific preference we can assign your donation to a priority specimen.)
The SnapScan app can be downloaded for free, for more see the SnapScan site.